Finding the Right Pet-Friendly Apartments in Wichita

As a pet owner, finding an apartment for you and your fur baby is extremely important! There are several important details to keep in mind when searching for the perfect home for you and your furry friend. A few financial items to keep in mind: pet deposits, pet fees, and pet rent. You will also want to consider whether the property has ample space to your pet active, and access to local veterinarians. Here are a few tips and considerations as you look for pet-friendly apartments in Wichita.  


The first factor you should consider is whether your furry companion is suitable for apartment living. If you have a large breed of dog, a house will probably be a better choice. If you have a cat or a dog that weighs less than 25 pounds, an apartment could be perfect. Before moving into your new place, you may need to address any behavioral issues that could be problematic for other tenants or your new landlord. Be strategic in your choices, as well; if your animal enjoys tearing up carpets, for example, then renting a unit with hardwood floors may be a safer option.   

Smiling Pup
Smiling Pup

Knowing the Terms

When you find an apartment that seems promising for pet owners, this is the time to communicate your needs and circumstances to a potential landlord. This is also the time to be very clear about the terms of their agreement. You should read all relevant documents before you sign them, and ask questions about anything you need clarified. Be sure you know how much the pet deposit is, whether there are additional fees, and what kinds of pets are allowed.

Check Out the Neighborhood

Just as you might explore the neighborhood to determine what it has to offer, you should do the same with your pet in mind. If you own a dog, you may want to look at the parks in the area. If you have a cat or two, you might look for nearby pet stores or grocery stores for those times when you run out of litter unexpectedly. Make sure there is also a local pet clinic that caters to emergency visits.

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On-site Amenities

Perhaps the most important detail is whether a prospective indoor space will work for your pet. While an elderly animal may be all right in a smaller unit, an active cat or dog could thrive in a place with more room, such as a townhouse apartment. You might need to ensure that there is an available outdoor area on the premises, so you can take your animal outside immediately when necessary.

Meadowlark Apartments: Ideal for Pets and Their Humans!  

If you have a pet or are planning to own one, it’s critical to find the right pet-friendly apartments in Wichita, Kansas. Meadowlark Apartments welcomes pet owners and their furry friends! Call us at (316) 265-4367, or fill out our online application form today.      

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The Search for the Best Cheap Apartments in Wichita, KS

If you have ever gone apartment hunting, you may feel overwhelmed by the prospect of doing it again. Fortunately, you can find inexpensive apartments in our area that don’t look cheap. The keys to success are in keeping an open mind and asking the right questions. Use this guide as a starting point, so you can find the best cheap apartments in Wichita, KS.

Are Quality and Affordability Mutually Attainable?

The first thing to remember is that you should never trade quality for affordability! If you live in Wichita, you don’t need to do this. You can find amazing options that reflect your budget and your lifestyle.

Beautiful Finishes

What Should I Look for in an Affordable Apartment?

The choices you seek should be the result of your specific needs and preferences. If, for example, you have a pet or are planning to get one, this should be one of the first details you discuss with a potential landlord. Make sure you get the cost of a pet deposit, additional rent, etc., in writing before you sign a lease.

One of the most important details will be the overall cost of relocation. You need to factor in the rent, security deposit, and any additional fees (such as a pet deposit). Some companies take advantage of tenants and applicants, charging them far more in deposit and application fees than they might pay for two months of rent. Generally, a security deposit should not be more than the cost of rent itself. Since application fees are considered routine by today’s standards, don’t forget to ask if there is one and how much it is.

How About Quality of Life?

Keep in mind that a high-quality lifestyle involves more than your living space. Take a look at the neighborhood and outlying area. Do they offer benefits that will make your life better? These benefits will differ according to the specific individual or family involved. If outdoor recreation is a priority for you, then having outdoor activities nearby should also be a priority. If you live for dining out on the weekends, make sure there are some tempting possibilities in the area. When you are shopping for your Wichita apartment, come prepared with a list of what matters most to you as a resident.

What Makes a Cheap Apartment a Beautiful Home? 

You might be surprised to know that in order to make a place feel like home, you don’t need lavish amenities. Sure, most people would probably enjoy living in a penthouse apartment with marble floors and staircases. However, more affordable accents, such as hardwood flooring and built-in bookshelves, can lend an air of luxury to a more modest space.

Meadowlark Apartments: Modern Comfort at Affordable Prices

At Meadowlark Apartments, we believe that the comforts of home should be within your reach. You don’t need to be a millionaire to live in one of the best cheap apartments in Wichita, KS. Call us at (316) 265-4367 to schedule an appointment, or apply online today.    

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Experience the Best of Schweiter Neighborhood in Wichita, KS!

If you live in the Schweiter neighborhood of Wichita, Kansas, you can explore a wealth of memorable places and activities in the area. Old Town is just a few minutes away, and Schweiter itself has much to offer. Read on to learn more about the best of Schweiter neighborhood in Wichita, KS.

Schweiter Dining and Nightlife Options

Schweiter offers an impressive array of culinary choices, from classic American fare to a variety of ethnic dining possibilities. Your first stop might be the iconic Jimmie’s Diner. Since 1987, this popular establishment has served countless breakfast, lunch, and dinner favorites to hungry locals. There are also several fast food and burger places in the area.

When you’re in the mood for Mexican food, you will have plenty of options, including La Carreta Mexican Restaurant, Villar’s Mexico Café, and more than one taqueria. Asian cuisine choices include Chinese food at Shang Hai Restaurant Incorporated, Vietnamese fare at Pho Special LLC or Saigon Bistro, and an Asian Fusion menu at Rice & Roll by Xing Xing.

Once you’ve finished your meal and are ready for a few beers or cocktails, the local bar known as The Store will not leave you disappointed. This drinking establishment is known for its fair prices and great customer service. You can meet some new friends, play a game of pool, and relax on the patio.   

Getting Outside in Schweiter Neighborhood

Many residents appreciate the chance to get outdoors in the Schweiter neighborhood. You might start by exploring the area on foot or by bike. Next, you can make your way to Rivera Park, a cozy neighborhood park with picnic tables and a playground for the little ones.

You should also check out Schweiter Park, where you can make use of the picnic tables and even rent an outdoor gazebo. Like Rivera Park, Schweiter Park has a playground, as well as tennis courts, a basketball court, and a rentable softball diamond. In addition, this park has a paved path for biking and hiking.

Living the Good Life at Meadowlark Apartments in Wichita

Meadowlark Apartments residents have a world of opportunity within reach. Schweiter neighborhood in Wichita, KS, is a delightful area, with an assortment of indoor and outdoor options worth exploring. Old Town and the rest of Wichita are also nearby, providing locals and tourists with numerous things to see and do.

If you are looking for an affordable apartment in a popular part of Wichita, contact Meadowlark Apartments today! Call us at (316) 265-4367, or feel free to complete our online application.   

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Explore Wichita’s Old Town

Whether you are new to Wichita or have lived here for years, visits to Old Town are a must! This district truly has something for everyone, from dining and drinking to cultural venues. Browse the possibilities below, and you will soon realize that a single afternoon or evening in Wichita’s Old Town is only the beginning. If you’re like the many others who frequent this popular locale, you will likely become a devoted fan of the area.

Where to Eat in Old Town Wichita

There is always a pleasing array of dining establishments to choose from in Old Town. Public at the Brickyard has much to offer a variety of palates, including appetizers such as sliders or spicy cauliflower, as well as salads and hearty entrees. Sabor Latin Bar & Grille has an extensive menu of Latin cuisine that includes meat and seafood dishes, and they also provide vegetarian specialties; in addition, their list of cocktails, wines, and beers is impressive. There are several other restaurants worth trying in Old Town Wichita, such as Egg Cetera (brunch and breakfast foods), Lotus Leaf Cafe (juice bar and healthy food options), B & C BBQ, New Lemongrass (Vietnamese cuisine), and Hana Café for a spectrum of Asian foods.

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Old Town Nightlife

If you want to experience the bar and nightclub scene in Old Town, an assortment of options awaits. You might begin your journey at Industry Old Town, where you can order various cocktails and beers from their rooftop location. Your next stop could be Revolution Lounge, dancing to the beats of a live DJ. You can continue the dancing and revelry at Enigma Club & Lounge. If cigars and martinis are more your style, try Mort’s Martini Bar. If you’re in the mood to have a few bars in a casual setting, River City Brewing Company and Emerson Biggins are both solid choices.

Attractions in Old Town Wichita, KS

Dining, drinking, and dancing are certainly not the only things to do in Old Town. You may want to broaden your horizons at a local museum, such as the Great Plains Transportation Museum or the Museum of World Treasures.  Warren Old Town Theatre Grille is a great place to catch a movie, and the Old Town Farm & Art Market is the perfect venue for shopping and people-watching. Be sure to explore other Old Town classics, such as Looney Bin Comedy Club, City Arts Gallery, and Entrap Games (escape room experience).

Old Town Wichita: Minutes from Meadowlark Apartments

Once you have moved into your beautiful 2 bedroom apartment in the Schweiter Neighborhood of Wichita, Kansas, be sure to spend some time in Wichita’s Old Town. This unique area is just one of the perks of living in Schweiter’s Meadowlark Apartments.

Call Meadowlark Apartments today at (316) 265-4367, or fill out our convenient online application.

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