Finding the Right Pet-Friendly Apartments in Wichita

As a pet owner, finding an apartment for you and your fur baby is extremely important! There are several important details to keep in mind when searching for the perfect home for you and your furry friend. A few financial items to keep in mind: pet deposits, pet fees, and pet rent. You will also want to consider whether the property has ample space to your pet active, and access to local veterinarians. Here are a few tips and considerations as you look for pet-friendly apartments in Wichita.  


The first factor you should consider is whether your furry companion is suitable for apartment living. If you have a large breed of dog, a house will probably be a better choice. If you have a cat or a dog that weighs less than 25 pounds, an apartment could be perfect. Before moving into your new place, you may need to address any behavioral issues that could be problematic for other tenants or your new landlord. Be strategic in your choices, as well; if your animal enjoys tearing up carpets, for example, then renting a unit with hardwood floors may be a safer option.   

Smiling Pup
Smiling Pup

Knowing the Terms

When you find an apartment that seems promising for pet owners, this is the time to communicate your needs and circumstances to a potential landlord. This is also the time to be very clear about the terms of their agreement. You should read all relevant documents before you sign them, and ask questions about anything you need clarified. Be sure you know how much the pet deposit is, whether there are additional fees, and what kinds of pets are allowed.

Check Out the Neighborhood

Just as you might explore the neighborhood to determine what it has to offer, you should do the same with your pet in mind. If you own a dog, you may want to look at the parks in the area. If you have a cat or two, you might look for nearby pet stores or grocery stores for those times when you run out of litter unexpectedly. Make sure there is also a local pet clinic that caters to emergency visits.

white cat with blue eyes lounging on black cat

On-site Amenities

Perhaps the most important detail is whether a prospective indoor space will work for your pet. While an elderly animal may be all right in a smaller unit, an active cat or dog could thrive in a place with more room, such as a townhouse apartment. You might need to ensure that there is an available outdoor area on the premises, so you can take your animal outside immediately when necessary.

Meadowlark Apartments: Ideal for Pets and Their Humans!  

If you have a pet or are planning to own one, it’s critical to find the right pet-friendly apartments in Wichita, Kansas. Meadowlark Apartments welcomes pet owners and their furry friends! Call us at (316) 265-4367, or fill out our online application form today.      

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Puppy Love

Shopping for 2 Bedroom Apartments in Wichita, Kansas

When you are shopping for a 2 bedroom apartment, you might look for any number of conditions. To narrow down your search, you may want to bring along a list that reflects your priorities. Is affordability important? Do you need to find a place that allows pets? Would you prefer a neighborhood with a thriving local community? Before you get started, be sure to browse the following for what to look for in 2 bedroom apartments in Wichita, Kansas.

Affordable Living

Affordable housing in Wichita has never been more crucial for many residents. You shouldn’t need to sacrifice the coziness of home to secure a 2 bedroom space at a decent price. There are impressive residential options in Wichita that also won’t break the bank for most tenants.

Desirable Amenities

A great apartment complex must offer a variety of appealing amenities. On-site management and maintenance is generally a major benefit for residents. Typically, tenants also appreciate such features as washer and dryer hookups, plenty of storage space, and solid heating and air conditioning systems in their units. Having access to outdoor space can also be a plus, particularly for those with children or pets.

Animal Lovers

To a large number of people, an apartment isn’t really a home without a pet or two. If this sounds like you, then don’t settle for a place that doesn’t accept pets! There are certainly local landlords who understand the importance of having a furry friend as part of your household. In many cases, you can secure a fair deal on a pet deposit and rent.

Lounge Around

In the Neighborhood

Your residential location is more than just where your apartment is situated. The neighboring area should feel like your extended home, and it should offer activities and attractions that enhance your life. If you have kids, then of course, you will want to be in close proximity to local schools and parks. If you are single or a couple, you might be more interested in finding great restaurants and nightlife. It’s always wise to explore the general area before you choose a place to live.

Meadowlark Apartments: A Community to Match Your Lifestyle!

No matter what you are looking for in an apartment, it’s vital to find a place that reflects your lifestyle. Meadowlark Apartments is nestled in the charming Schweiter neighborhood of Wichita, and we offer affordable living with a broad array of key amenities. Call us at (316) 265-4367, or apply today for one of our 2 bedroom apartments in Wichita, Kansas.